Sunday, August 22, 2010


yesterday i met up with jamey, sam and tomars to go skate around rhodes and suss out a few new spots. it turned out a really good day, when you skate with a small crew more shit gets done. jamey came through with some incredible tricks. and sammy and tomars amuzed us. i even got time to film a trick. few flicks for yall'.

This spot is probably the best one ive been to in a long while. Jamey killed it!

warmin up with a drop in.

its a bird? its a plane? no its sammy agca!

trick in trick out?

just hangin.
this outledge is so long, jamey threw down on it. jawdropping shit!

haha tommy comes up with the most random stuff, he see's a load of crates and the first thing he thinks is lets build a tower.

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