Sunday, August 22, 2010


yesterday i met up with jamey, sam and tomars to go skate around rhodes and suss out a few new spots. it turned out a really good day, when you skate with a small crew more shit gets done. jamey came through with some incredible tricks. and sammy and tomars amuzed us. i even got time to film a trick. few flicks for yall'.

This spot is probably the best one ive been to in a long while. Jamey killed it!

warmin up with a drop in.

its a bird? its a plane? no its sammy agca!

trick in trick out?

just hangin.
this outledge is so long, jamey threw down on it. jawdropping shit!

haha tommy comes up with the most random stuff, he see's a load of crates and the first thing he thinks is lets build a tower.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ben Watts

This is Ben Watts, or Wattsy as he is more commonly known, throwing down a hammer for his part in Nothing 2 Fancy. Let's just say this rail is fucking huge and this Nosegrind is fucking epic!

Olympic Park Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we hit up Olympic Park because Carlos and Sammy go there for school sport. It gets boring from time to time but we make good of what we've got. I decided to whip out my point and shoot and get some random photos.

Sammy made some slight alterations to his board.

Carlos got all artfag with this pic of sammy "doin it for foxton!"


Carlos the gardener.

Clizard also did a preety tasty line that contained this front lip pop out.

He then ate an immense amount of shit up the street.

Sammy showin you how its done!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nothing Fancy 1 Standouts.

Just a few of the best tricks from the last video. Back when i had my old baby death that didn't fit my camera, hence the ugly blurred vig and my microphone levels were set way too high. The hammer level has definitely increased since those days, as we have all gotten older, better and have grown some balls. Anyway enjoy the 41 seconds of your life you are about to lose haha. In order of appearance: Crouchy, Darin Phou and Jamey Foxton.

Excuse the dreadful filming, i was still learning the ins and outs of filming skating at that stage.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Macquarie Funs

Went down to Macquarie today with Brendan, Zahra, Jesse, Crouchy, Foxton and Satan himself. The day started out sucking, we got hit by a freak thunderstorm and thought the day was over, and our luck didn't get any better when we ran for cover and got kicked out into the rain by security. Whats up with that?
Anyway, the weather cleared and the day got better and I even managed to shoot a few photos, which was awesome. Jamey even got buck later in the day with a "shoosh shoosh" hammer. Onya Jamey.

Anyway, heres some photos I shot in the day.

Zahra defied the rain with a nice Back Tail on his water-logged board
Jamey and Satan being mugged.
Zahrarhaz, Scoping the old gaparoo
Jamey loses all his bones! Doing it for Sam!

Brendan Gardoll, Wallride
He's Back! Crouchy returns from Brisbane with extra steeze, and an extra steezy tre flip to prove it!

Few flicks from the week.

Purple Drank!
Jamey sledding around.


short promo i threw together to try and hype the video up a tad bit. ill make more clips like this one as i collect more footage.